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Foto Frame APP

Take your personal picture with Wisim and Yandel using the Panasonic Poster APP on your Android Phone or desktop computer. HAVE A LOOK

Teen Trivia

This trivia APP is fun for all the target users, teens girls who really want to know how they are perceived. Funny and very viral, girls from Colombia and Argentina play around together with their mates.

Instant Price Giveaway

Giveaway, the visitor can blow out the candles of the companies birthday cake, depending on how many candles are still lightened, he wins a instant price and-or participates in a lucky draw.

Trivia Ralley

The user is asked one question each day, related to articles on the clients digital magazine. For each correct answere he summs up points to win a great Christmas price. HAVE A LOOK

Content APP

The users uploads a picture and/or text about his moment of love. They can vote and get voted, the most creative ones win. HAVE A LOOK mobile responsive

Movie Alert

The visitors can see the comming up movies for theaters, read the sinopsis, watch the trailer, check for promotions or discounts and save it on the agenda, once the movie is ready for lunch, the visitor get an email with the available theaters to watch the movie.

Trivia Against Time

Mini Facebook game where the visitor can answer questions about music, all the answer are related to colors, they have limite time to answer, a general ranking, friends ranking and the chance to invite more friends to play.

Finger Football Game

Finger-soccer game, the visitor can play penalties with the computer, after finishing can challenge friends to beat his score and go up in the friends ranking.

Mood Meter

The application calculate the mood of the visitor and generate his level of energy everyday, posting on his wall and allowing to friends to share theirs.

Video Eard

To promote the singer, the application let the visitors to watch the lastests videoclips of the singer, giving the visitos the change to share with a special message to friends.

Coupon Competition

The application give the users the chance to input the code of products the visitor buy on the supermarket, every different product has different values and as much the visitor buy then more chances has to win, the application gives weekly prices and a final price for the most points.

Love Ecard

For the lovers days the application let the user upload picture of friends/couples/loved one, to share on a special ecard with personal message, the postard is sended via email and poster on the visitor wall.

Quiz - Personality Test

The application is fast quiz, questions with a decition tree with a ending message according to the user answers.

Online Karaoke Band

Application in a Facebook Page, fans of the singer can make a band with other 10 friend and sing together the most know songs, each singer can share their part, invite more friends to participate, vote other songs, the TOP 200 won a ticket for a private concert.

Web Apps

Online e-Commerce

Windows application where the visitor can build their own photo album, uploading pictures, choosing different templates, choosing different materials for cover, print out and pay online, after some days the visitor recieve the album at home as many copies as he choose.

Pay for Content

Online plattaform where visitors pay for time limited access to information in a private section, the visitor pay trough paypal once finished the proccess the visitor has acces for the information for several days until recieve a notification to get a new suscription.

Live Streaming

Famous latin american singer, made a private concert for 200 fans and the the show was transmitted live on the fan page only for the fans of the singer on Facebook.

Interactive Webcam Game

Interactive game, the user can explode the bubbles with their hands using the webcam, winner of "Diente de Plata" in the category "Interactive Games" in 2007.

Interactive Website

Interactive website heavily animated, the user can interact with the character, navigate and discover the website.

Interactive Website

Mega project, launch in differet stages in sync with different TV Show to introduce a new singer, each stage show the grow of the star and the users can interact in the house, see the videoclips, can dress up as the singer fashion style, sing along the famous songs, make your own video clip on youtube or "bling yourself"

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